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I Run for Those Who Can’t

The Seattle Marathon. A 26.2 mile beast I will try to tackle this Sunday.

And I will run for those who can’t. I’m running for Living Room International, a grace-soaked hospice in Western Kenya. Janet receives physical therapy here, orphans find refuge, and the sick and dying live dignified and are embraced through every breath they take this side of heaven. Think Mother Teresa. Last year we walked the hallways, sat on the grass with the guests, and held the hands of those with frail strength. Kaylee made831E2CED-92AB-4512-A5B3-7EE69CA18451 bead necklaces with a little girl who arrived deeply malnourished and has literally been brought back to life. There are no words for what our hearts felt.

On a miniscule scale, I understand what it feels like to not be able to run. For thirteen years, I couldn’t run. At all. Every time I tried a knife-piercing pain would stab me in my side. CAT scan. Ultrasound. Multiple doctors. Told I’m a medical mystery. Frustrations. Unexpected 3rd child and c-section. Doctor cleans out peculiar findings.

And so I find myself approaching a start line I never thought would be possible. Inspired by my parent’s 3,400 mile cross-country tandem ride, I decided to go for my own goal. Since August, my legs have run 385 miles, which has taken countless hours and left me with a huge gratitude for my husband who has shouldered the weight of early morning kid responsibilities.

It’s also filled me with hours to think about the years I couldn’t run and my heart beats in desperation to help those who can’t run. At the starting line on Sunday, images of Living Room’s beautiful souls will race through my mind and give me courage to press forward through each mile.

I’m raising money for Living Room’s important work, and I invite you to join me at the start line and through each mile. And you actually don’t even have to get off of your couch!! Click right here, type “run” in the memo, and know $26.2 (or whatever you’d like to give) goes a long, long way.

Will you please join me? Let’s do this together, encourage those in the trenches, and fight for the valuable lives.



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