About Me

I’m a wife to Matt, who married me more because I would live in a mud hut and love sports than for my cooking skills. We lived in Kenya for the first years of our marriage where many life lessons took shape. After over a decade in Southern California, we settled in the verdure and fresh air of Oregon.

I’m mama to three lovely souls. My son is the oldest, adventurous and compassionate. My oldest daughter follows closely behind, introspective and caring. And then we have the caboose: our little gift that arrived 8.5 years after her sister full of energy and love.

I was a pre-med/athletic training major in college until I found more joy in writing than working on cadavers and my need to process my heart’s naked truth on paper (thus, my English teaching degree!).

I love Jesus, figure skating, Kenya, butter pecan ice cream, the Seahawks, beach sunsets, mountain hikes and berry picking.