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About Good Old Days and Letting Go

I roll into Seattle on I-5 and turn the radio to STAR 101.5. It's a funny habit from high school. Macklemore's Good Old Days serendipitously blares through the speakers. Because, well, you know, this is the city he's singing about. It's been over two decades since I flew the nest and built new ones in… Continue reading About Good Old Days and Letting Go

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The Best $9.99 I’ve Ever Spent

My oldest will walk the hallways of high school in a few shorts weeks. How in the world did we get here so quickly? It feels like yesterday he entered Kindergarten. Cliche to say, but true beyond measure. August 2009. The Southern California sun beat down on the school as we walked to my son's… Continue reading The Best $9.99 I’ve Ever Spent

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Why It’s Never the Wrong Time to Do the Right Thing

It's Monday evening at the grocery store. I rush through the store like a cheetah snatching its prey. Glance at my watch. Fifteen minutes until Gymnast is done with practice. Can't be late. Hurry up. Pick a short line. Place all my items on the conveyor belt. And that's when my eyes finally elevate away… Continue reading Why It’s Never the Wrong Time to Do the Right Thing